The new paradigm in online payments!

Yekpay is the first payment platform on IRR base, for running an online business. We handle online payments in new markets for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

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Why Yekpay?

Yekpay has a revolutionary payment platform which is low-cost, fast and secure way with several online services including cash pick-up, bank transfer, top-up and e-wallet. Yekpay schematic plain platform provides the simplest transactions for peaple and the businesses to sell with ease and make great relationships. Now let's get more familiar with it

One Country, One Gateway!

By gateway we mean Online Rial Gateway which Provides online international payment solutions with the focus on Iranian-rial.

So if you have an internet business try to enter Iran high potential market, yekpay offers you a complete package and toolkit.

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Yekpay platform

Feel Elegant! You have any currency in your wallet

By choosing Yekpay e-wallet for withdrawal and settlement purposes, like other Iranian users, you can easily buy or sell the stocks of companies listed in the stock exchange and in TSE markets, corporate bonds, partnership bonds, etc. without any restrictions or limitations.

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Yekpay wallet

Visa / Master Card or wire? As you wish!

You can top-up your e-wallet with either Visa or Master Card.

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Yekpay credit card

Any Rial Account? No need!

By using Yekpay platform there is no need to have Rial account, with Yekpay online Service We provide a secure link between your business, your family and customers in Iran and the payment gateway providers.

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Yekpay account

Just Relax! we have additional services

Logistics, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, local advertisement, and local IT , websites and SEO services.

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Yekpay additional services

About Iran

Iran is a country with a young population, which more than 56% of the population is under 35 years of age. This tends to increase the tendency to use technology among them.

Let's check this video for more information...

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Our customers

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