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Home to one of the oldest civilizations and greatest  empires of the ancient world, Iran is full of diversity from landscapes and ethnic groups to industries and  business opportunities. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a sovereign state in Western Asia. This country with more than 80 million people, is the second largest country in the Middle East and the eighteenth largest nation in the world. also with the second-largest economy in the region with a GDP of around $ 400 billion in year (in 2016) and geographically The strategic location is connecting Asia to Turkey (the gateway to Europe), and Russia and the CIS in the north to the oil-rich waters and the Persian Gulf's strategic highway.

Iran population Population

Iran is a country with a young population, which more than 56% of the population is under 35 years of age. This tends to increase the tendency to use technology among them.

82% of Iranians have access to the Internet for using social media. In fact, 43 million users spend 3 to 5 hours of their time using the Internet. Thus, Iran is first ranked in the use of the Internet in the Middle East. Also, 35 million smartphones are used in Iran, with 15 million users having access to 3G and 4G internet services. In 2016, online transactions of 378 billion euros has taken place, which is dramatically rising.

Economy Iran's economy

The exclusion of U.S. and European B2C E-Commerce companies from Iran because of sanctions has fostered the growth of local companies.

Iran is one of the richest countries in terms of resources. Tehran enjoys the second and fourth largest gas and oil reserves in the world. Its abundance of natural resources provides Iran with powerful international leverage. In addition, the lifting of sanctions has increased revenue and allowed Iran to rejoin the global financial system. Naturally, oil and natural gas are Iran's most important exports along with other exports including chemicals, plastics and fruits. Iran mainly exports to Taiwan, China, Turkey, South Korea and India and Iran's main imports are machinery, cereals, iron and steel, and chemicals.

In the tourism department, in 2014 to the end of 2016, 19 million and 900 thousand people entered the country. This resulted in more than $ 32 billion in entry into the country. This amount of income is calculated by all facilities including transportation, souvenirs and other services.

Technology Iran and technology

Iran has advancements in many fields that are very rapidly growing, much faster than the world’s average. In fact, Iran’s scientific advancement was rated 11 times the world’s average a few years ago. Advancements in field of nano-technology, nuclear medicine, aerospace, electronics and etc. have been astronomical in Iran, despite all the corruption and lack of budgeting.


Iran has the most diverse natures, folks, industries and commercial opportunities. Iran also has a young population and is the first ranked in using internet between middle east countries and experience a vast variety of progresses in recent years.

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