Yekpay additional services

Additional services


Website and SEO

Considering our IT experience and having a strong team of IT engineers as well as recognizing your business as our customer, we can provide the best solutions for designing and launching the website and SEO services to you. (For more information, talk to our advisers.)


Local Advertising

Advertising for you is advertising for us

We can introduce you to our colleagues for advertising. In fact, we can indirectly provide you with online advertising, television advertising, banner ads, newspaper advertisements and more.


customs clearance

We do all of customs clearance services for you as a middleman. All clearance matters are governed by the Customs Law and Executive Code. Note that we are only able to clear the permitted goods. (See the link below for a list of unauthorized goods.)

Prohibited products


If your product is defective during the sending process (breaking, breaking down, etc.) or from the beginning is defective, We can refer you somewhere to return the item you are looking for and follow up the sending process and send your goods back to you.


ِِDoor-to-door delivery

We will take the goods from the store door of your choice around the world and after delivery of all shipping and clearance goods, etc., we will deliver it to the place of your choice.

We are also able to report to you momentarily the status of goods or take the amount of orders from your customers and deposit to your account.



Do you want to enter the Iranian market but you don't have any information about it? Our trading team at RiboRoyal can advise you on this.

We can advise you on business in Iran for your specific business. We can investigate your field of work and analyze your market in Iran and provide you with useful information about the market for your products or services.

For example, if you have an online store and want to offer your products and services without intermediaries to Iranians, or if you want to get information from the stock market of Iran and invest in it, we can advise you in these areas. For more information please contact to [email protected].