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The reality of payment systems in Iran

The reality of payment systems in Iran

Iran payment systems and their statistics in last year


SHETAB is an important internal network in payment systems. SHETAB is an information-sharing network between banks. It covers a wide range of financial transactions:

cash withdrawal, fund transfer, purchase payment of bills and residual payments. 

The SHETAB network in May 2006 processed about 1,322 million transactions worth over 1,922 trillion Rials. Given the relatively similar trend over the past months, we can find out the relative stability in this system.

The statistics show that bank customers in 2016 showed a different behavior than they did in the past year. Their acceptance of card purchases was higher than cash withdrawals.


SHAPARAK covers an electronic network, is a payment card, payment card purchases, payment of bills, residual payments through sales centers for goods and services and the Internet and mobile phones.

The number of transactions in SHAPARAK in June was more than 950 million, worth about 1,222 trillion Rials, up 22% from June last year. Among these transactions, only terminal sales with a growth of some 40% were on the rise compared to May.

Due to the significant growth in the number of terminal sales transactions, their average amount has fallen from last year, reflecting a change in the behavior of the public and its greater acceptance of electronic banking, even for their small exchanges.

Table 1. Number and monthly amount of card transactions 

reality of payment systems 01


Table 2. The average amount of transactions in SHAPARAK (Thousand Rials)

reality of payment systems 02


Tabe 3. The contribution of each processing channel to the transactions of SHAPARAK 


reality of payment systems 03


The Gross Settlement system is an immediate solution to the settlement of interbank payments, the transfer of instant funds between customer accounts in two banks, and the settlement of exchange systems.


The electronic payment systems has been launched as the main infrastructure for the transfer of funds between banks. At the moment PAYA involve direct debit orders and SHAPARAK settlements.


CHAKAVAK is the electronic bookkeeping system is that electronic acceptance and processing of paper checks between banks are done electronically. The information contained in the checkbook includes documents collected and return documents.

reality of payment systems 04

Iran is ranked 21th in comparison with the countries of the Committee Payment and Market Infrastructure (CPMI) in relation to electronic transactions of non-bank customers. Of course, in the middle section of the value of transactions per person, according to the population of the country is ranked 19th.