Yekpay FAQ

We ask our customers to be part of the solution, and don't view them as part of the problem


Yekpay brand is wholly owned by RIBO Royal group. RIBO Royal group have companies in Turkey (Royal Petrokimya), Cyprus (RIBO Royal Investment Ltd) and Iran (Kish RIBO Royal Int. Investment)
We have agreements and cooperation with European Banks and e-money companies from one end and Iran local banks on the other end, we receive and transfer your money.
If you want to receive Money from Iranian customers:
After you register your website and being verified by Yekpay Trust system. Your customers can pay money to our bank accounts in Iran; you can check your last money statement in your Yekpay account. You can collect the arrived money and ask for the transfer to your registered bank account. You will get your money within 3 working hours from submitted request for transfer. Your money will be transferred from one of the RIBO Royal group companies.
If you have a website in Iran and want to receive Money by credit cards:
After you register and being verified by Yekpay Trust system. You can use through Yekpay system and manage your website payments through your account in Yekpay. Your requests for transfer will be done through Yekpay within 3 working days.
Yes. Yekpay services in Iran are under supervision of SHAPARAK (Central Bank of Iran regulatory for payment services) and e-commerce development office.
The reference exchange rate is This website is belongs to exchangers community of Iran.
For informing about the costs please check Pricing page
If you are a registered Business or an individual who have a website, you may be eligible to use our services. Your website must use credit cards payment service before.
No. Yekpay will not transfer money to bank accounts which are not owned by the account holder or is not registered in Yekpay under account holder’s name.
Using our services on behalf of any other Yekpay user or non-user is considered illegal transaction and will be followed according to local and international Law and will block your account.
EUR, CHF, AED, CNY, GBP, JPY, RUB and absolutely IRR.


Go to your dashboard to reset your password.
For deleting your account pelase submit a ticket
To delete your bank account you have to send a ticket to support team and they will do it for you.

Send and receive money

In transactions page ( you can see all wallets transactions include purchases and  and top-up’s.


Considering the increasing intensity in the process whereby different Iranian markets get connected to global markets, the Iranian Securities and Exchange Organization and its subsidiaries, as an influential financial institution, have failed to provide the necessary facilities and spaces needed to facilitate the participation of interested foreign institutions and individuals. Therefore, non-Iranians and Iranian expatriates have always faced challenges with entering the Iranian stock market and trading the stocks of Iranian companies. One of the main factors contributing to this issue is the matter of paying and receiving funds.
Yekpay e-wallet platform provides payment services and allows connection to Iranian brokerage firms. It is here to resolve this problem and facilitate financial transactions for stock traders.
After acquiring a trading code, foreign traders can create an account on the Yekpay platform, choose one or more brokerage firms connected to the Yekpay platform, and then charge their e-wallets using different currencies. Then, after converting that currency to IRR, entering the trading code, and selecting the name of their broker within the Yekpay platform, they will be able to buy and sell stocks.
By choosing Yekpay e-wallet for withdrawal and settlement purposes, like other Iranian users, you can easily buy or sell the stocks of companies listed in the stock exchange and in OTC markets, corporate bonds, partnership bonds, etc. without any restrictions or limitations.

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