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IRR Get paid

We are a provider of Online Rial Gateway for our foreign customers.

Iranian Rial Payment Gateways

By gateway we mean Online Rial Gateway which Provides online international payment solutions with the focus on Iranian-rial.

So if you have an internet business try to enter Iran high potential market, Yekpay offers you a complete package and toolkit.

We prepare the first flexible and powerful tools for eCommerces that want to get a share of Iran growing market. If you are extending a service, an on-demand marketplace, online shopping, eCommerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Yekpays designed API helps you build the best possible get paid for your Iranian customers that use local payment cards.

By using the Online Rial Gateway, your customers in Iran can buy from your websites in the form of Rial, and during a process, your money will be converted from the Rial to your desired currency and will be stored in your account.

For Global Websites and non-Iranian Websites who want to sell to Iranian customers, Yekpay Iranian Rial Payment gateway(IRIPG) is the unique way to use. Through Yekpay-IRIPG Iranian customers pay Iranian Rial and the ecommerces receive their favorite currencies. It is a charge free service for Iranian customers and a fair fee of transactions for ecommerces.

The charge of transactions for Yekpay Rial online payment gateway is (3 up to 6) % + 0.39 Euro.