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All You need to know for Money Transfer

How much is the Commissions?

There are 3steps you should pass to transfer money, first is sign up and top-up account which is completely free. Next step is transfer money to another Yekpay account which 30 cents apply on it. It doesn't matter how much money you transfer, this cost is fixed. the last step is when you want to payout money which costs only 5% of the destination currency.

What information should I have for payout?

To payout in Rial currency you need to have a SHABA number (Iranian IBAN number) with the IR+24 digits format. Otherwise the transaction will be wire and you need to have your bank account information.

How much I can transfer money each time?

This service is online and Iranian beneficiary receive funds within 3 working hours. The max amount for each transfer request is 150,000,000 RLS (about 3,000 Euro)daily.

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Here are some real situations in which Yekpay works!

How to transfer money to Iran?

For instance if your family and friends live in Iran and you need to pay them some small funds temporarily or each month, Yekpay Money Transfer service help you with minimum fees and online.

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Are you a freelancer in Iran?

If you are a freelancer who work with some foreign company outside Iran, IRR remittance service is the best choice to have your money monthly or whenever you reach the project milestone.

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Do you have any problems to transfer money to Iran?

Take for example that you have a company in Berlin or any other countries and you remotely collaborate with some people in Iran who need to be payed. This is where Yekpay does the whole job! with Yekpay platform you can transfer money safe and instantly to them.

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Do you study abroad?

Now assume that you are a student in any foreign countries and your family want to send money to you. Oh what a nice family! Anyway, you can have that money right in your account with just some clicks, and the opposite transaction is possible too.

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Don't take our word for it

My recommendation for you: Stop paying high fees!! Security and reliability are two important factors to me, but beside that transaction fees should not be high! Simply speaking, if you want to transfer your money via other gateways specially for small amount, the high transaction fee is not worth!! To the extent that, sometimes I just give up doing online transaction for small amount. But since I get to know YekPay, I have saved both my time and money. It all costs 30 cents to do the whole job! Unbelievable!

This is Sam, Public relation expert at “Bookland” online bookstore. Incredibly, 30% of our customers are Iranian people who live abroad! All the times our customers who are living abroad asked us whether we sell books for people who don’t live in Iran, but unfortunately we couldn’t provide them this option. We have variety of valuable online books that every Iranian person should read! Good news: currently, offering online book for all people around the world has become possible since we setup Yekpay gateway on our website.

We are an online shopping store in Turkey. We heard about Iran’s limitations for online shopping and more specifically in the payment process. But we didn’t know how to consider this limitation as an opportunity. after surfing the internet, we found YekPay website and contact their team to consult us. They guided and helped us with patience and installed the YekPay gateway on our platform. Since then we have easily extended our business overseas, in Iran!

I’m Ali and studying software engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy. My family and I always had problem for transferring money. We had to search for currency exchange agencies and pay extra amount of money to transfer small amounts. This is not the whole story, then we had to wait for a couple of days to receive that money which can take a week or so overall. But now the whole process will be done very quickly and easily within a couple of hours by using YekPay. Incredible!

We cannot deny Iran’s intelligent person who are interested in working with super-major companies abroad remotely and offering attractive contracts. However, for their payment we always encounter problems but now when the parties have yekpay account the transaction becomes all right.

How Yekpay works

Watch video.

How it works

1 - Register and activate

You can register easily and through the email verification activate your account.

2- Top up

You could top up Yekpay e-wallet by using 3 methods:
1- Credit card such as Visa/Master and etc.
2- wire transfer to Yekpay bank accounts in Turkey or Switzerland
3- IRR top-up that you can charge with SHETAB(Iranian credit card)

3- Transfer

You can instantly transfer money with your Yekpay account to any other accounts.

4- Payout

You can payout money with 2 methods include wire transfer and IRR remittance.

5- Track

With your Tracking Code you can easily track the transaction to be ensure of the approval status, security and the whole process.

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