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If you have a small or large business inside or outside of Iran and you need to have international money transactions, then Yekpay is the solution that offers a complete set of secured services.


Safe, fast and easy way to receive money from your friends or customers

if you own some online business, and you are not willing to use any gateway on your website, you can benefit from Yekpay link and simply receive your money for selling your services and products.

After registration in Yekpay and as soon as you create a link, you will have an online banking identity in the form of a link (like: https // / bookstore) or a QR Code.

Then you can send this link or image code to your friends and clients and direct them to your personal payment page, which has been made by yekpay, and by clicking on the link or scanning the code, they could be able to send you money through a safe bank platform.

Make Yekpay link

How to make a Yekpay link

just in 4 steps

Payment link IP
1. Register and create an account
Payment link fraud
2. Create payment link
Payment link 3D secure
3. Send payment link to your customers and friends
Payment link 3D secure
4. Payout the money from your wallet

Faster, safer money transfer

If you own a business outside of Iran and cooperate with privates in Iran and you need to pay them, with yekpay platform you can do it for you in the minimum time by some clicks and also if your business in Iran interacts with some employee

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Transfer your money
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Expand your business all over the world

For many years money transactions between Iran and other countries have had some difficulties which means that Iranian are not able to transfer money through foreign gateways with their SHETAB cards and on the other hand it’s not possible to transact money with debit or credit cards through Rial Gateway.

Now with installing Yekpay gateway you can find your place in this global market.

More about Yekpay Gateway

Make Yekpay gateway

Manage your payments with exclusive Yekpay debit card

In your business you may come up with sending money to abroad countries or the companies you cooperate with, want to transfer money to you. Here, debit card work for you.

Card image cap
Physical Debit Card

These Physical debit cards are usable in abroad ATMs and POS terminals. Users can also make online payments and recharge the cards at any time.

Card image cap
Gift Debit Card

With this type of debit card you can also do a variety of online payments and withdraw its balance in Rial. Gift Cards have some limitations such as recharging and increasing the balance and being inaccessible through POS and in fact it will expire at the end of its existence.

Card image cap
Virtual Debit Card

With Virtual debit card, you do not actually have any physical cards, so you can not use it via ATMs and POS terminals, but with your card information you can do your online payments and re-charging your card.

Benefits and capabilities of international POS

If you have a business in Iran that your visitors are foreigners and tourists (such as hotels, travel agencies, stores, etc.), you can use Yekpay POS terminal, so your customers can pay you with Any debit or credit card, then you also can withdraw your cash in Rial currency immediately from your bank account.

  • 1 Possibility to use international credit cards
  • 2 Possibility to withdraw money instantly
  • 3 Online and personalized reports
  • 4 Services for sharing funds to multiple bank accounts
  • 5 Possibility to pay various types of bills
  • 6 24-hour support
Physical POS
P.O.S. terminal

Benefit from virtual POS

Easily scan the code and pay money

If you possess a business in Iran and your clients are foreigners and tourists (such as hotels, travel agencies, stores, etc.) you can utilize multi-currency Yekpay POS terminals. In this case, customers are able to use their debit or credit cards and pay the fund. The best part is that you can withdraw your money instantly in Rial currency.

Virtual POS

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