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With a simple and user-friendly dashboard of Yekpay, it's possible for you to make a multi-currency wallet yourself, transfer your money all over the world, create personal link for money request to sell your products or services and benefit from Yekpay's unique debit cards as well.


Simply submit your request to others!

If you want your friends to send you some money in any currency and you are not willing to share your card information with them, or if you work as a freelancer and you want to receive money from your abroad employer and even you have small business for yourself and offer product and services(like selling clothes on Instagram) you can easily make a personal Yekpay Gateway and simply have your money. So you just need to register in Yekpay and make your gateway.

Now you have a bank identity in form of a link(like:https://yekpay.com/pooya) or a related QR Code that you can send it to whom you want money from.

More about Yekpay link

Make Yekpay link
Payment link fixed

How to make a Yekpay link

just in 4 steps

Payment link IP
1. Register and create an account
Payment link fraud
2. Create payment link
Payment link 3D secure
3. Send payment link to your customers and friends
Payment link 3D secure
4. Payout the money from your wallet
Yekpay personal gateway benefits

Yekpay link Benefits

No need to have a website

No need to have a website!

QR code

QR code

Support various bank cards

Support various bank cards

Different currencies

Different currencies

24/7 supported

24/7 supported



Faster, Safer money transfer to Iran!

If you live outside of Iran and your family want to send you some money or you have to transfer an amount of money to Iran and even if you work as a freelancer for some abroad companies and wish to earn money in Rial or other currencies, you can accomplish that simple, fast and secure through Yekpay platform.

More about transfer money

Transfer your money

Benefits of money transfer with Yekpay

Transfer in bank

Transfer money through valid banks

All transactions are carried out at the bank's premises, and no funds will be deposit in Yekpay account.

Transfer fast

Fast money transfer

In many cases (depending on the working days and the bank of origin and destination), the transfer of funds is done instantaneously.

Transfer fast

Updated rates

All prices are updated according to the rates announced by the central bank every hours.

Transfer fast

Follow up capability

Yekpay is the only platform in which users can trace their money transfer from the moment they starts the transaction to receipt by the destination.

Take advantage of Yekpay exclusive Debit Card

with debit card, there is no need to carry cash on trips. debit card is a secured solution for cash payments through ATMs around the world. It also lets you shop online from around the world, get airline tickets, book a hotel, and manage your online payments. And don’t worry! You can easily get the remaining money on your credit card in Rial. Of course, the Yekpay debit card has special advantages over other debit cards.

Card image cap
Physical Debit Card

These Physical debit cards are usable in abroad ATMs and POS terminals. Users can also make online payments and recharge the cards at any time.

Card image cap
Gift Debit Card

With this type of debit card you can also do a variety of online payments and withdraw its balance in Rial. Gift Cards have some limitations such as recharging and increasing the balance and being inaccessible through POS and in fact it will expire at the end of its existence.

Card image cap
Virtual Debit Card

With Virtual debit card, you do not actually have any physical cards, so you can not use it via ATMs and POS terminals, but with your card information you can do your online payments and re-charging your card.

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