Iranian Rial (IRR) Online Payment Gateway, One Solution For All Payments from Iran.

If you’re selling online services and goods or considering selling internationally through internet, then congratulations on making a great business decision! Now with Yekpay online payment and get paid gateway for the first time you can join the market of Iran with 80million potential customer and sell your goods and services in a safe and easy way by staying legal.

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Payment gateway

In 2016, a group of payment and banking technology experts, with the help of a number of experienced programmers, found the opportunity to create innovation in the local payments space and Iran is the best place to make it happen. Here in Iran, people don’t have an access to overseas online market and Iranian people are at a significant disadvantage to similar peoples overseas, because websites are not able to accept online payments by Iranian local bank cards (SHETAB). So YekPay set out to build a technology solution capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing global businesses with the focus on simplifying this situation in Iran by establishing a fast, safe and legal gateway for money transfer.

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Yekpay Online Payment Gateway’s Benefits

Payment gateway heart shape
Payment gateway more customers

More customers

Iran is a country with a young population, which more than 56% of the population are under 35 years of age.They like fashion, tech, tourism, science and etc, but have limitations to access some of them. So you can take it as an opportunity and offer your goods and services to them.

Payment gateway no agency

No need to have an agency in Iran

It does not matter in which country your company or organization is formally registered (e.g. for legal or tax registration purposes), after some security surveys by Yekpay, you can have e-commerce gateway installed on your website and eventually much more customers.

Payment gateway no currency

No currency restrictions

You can sell your products and services to the Iranian market in any currency you want. Yekpay support EUR, TRY, CHF, AED, CNY, GBP, JPY, RUB and absolutely IRR

payment gateway additional services

Additional services

We have special services for you that will improve your business. Some of these services include: Website and SEO, Local Advertising, customs clearance, Refund, consultancy.


How Yekpay works?

The Yekpay payment Gateway is suitable for the following businesses:

checked All businesses that need to get money from their customer
checked All Internet retailers
checked All online stores around the world
checked Freelancers
checked Online websites who want Iranian merchants

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Easy online payment gateway integration

We think about the way your website can be integrate with Yekpay

If you don't have a programmer

don't worry. You can easily use the built-in plugins below.

*Even if your website programmed in any other E-commerce we can customize a plugin for you.

If you have programmer

here are the APIs

Powerful REST API

5 steps to make payment gateway

Register1.Register and create an account (Check the payment gateway fees here)
Define currency2.Define your currency and gateway
Integrate3.Integrate with Yekpay
Sale4.Sell to Iranian people
Payout5.Payout anytime you want

Your guide to payment methods Discover, understand, and select the right payment methods to reach a broader audience Guides

5 step

Chat directly with our friendly engineers anytime if you need support. Contact Us

5 step

Protect your customer's information with Yekpay secure
Payment Gateway

Make your online deals safely and securely with the highest level of security features and payment protection.

IP address checking

IP address checking

We will prevent potential risks and any harmful actions by checking the customer's IP address and tracking fake payments.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection

Score online transactions and stop charge-backs. Extend your analysis of fraudster behavior with the help of YekPay Factors.

3D Secure

3D Secure

With 3D Secure, you can verify the identity of the card holders using an extra password at the time of purchase.

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