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What is Payment Link

PBL (pay by link) is one of the popular payment methods that significantly affects the conversion rate. By creating an account in Yekpay you can have a personalized payment page with a unique link. You can send the link to your customers so that they leading to your sales page by click on the PBL (pay by link) and after payment the money will be deposited into your account as simply as possible.

PBL (pay by link) is not a single link. This service has a dedicated QR code that you can place it wherever you want and your customers can scan it to go to your sales page and make their purchase.

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Payment link Benefits

No need to have a website

You can also use PBL (Pay by link) to sell through your social networks such as Instagram and Telegram, or your blog page.

QR code

Having QR code to put on your posters and catalogs. your customers can scan QR code to go to your sales page.

Support cards

Currently, Yekpay supports all of Shetab cards and Visa/Master Cards. your customers can make payment with all those credit and debit cards.

Different currencies

Yekpay accepts in different currencies. EUR, CHF, AED, CNY, GBP, JPY, RUB and absolutely IRR.

Locate Online Visitors

Website visitors using anonymizers impact your business. Take action with the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database. Improve profitability and compliance by excluding IP addresses identified as proxies and other anonymizers.

24/7 supported

24/7 Support. We ensure a strong global presence in the key markets through our marketing and service organizations. Local sales and service teams put personal contact partners on the ground and guarantee support services around the clock.

Keep your customer information secure by Yekpay PBL

Make your online deals safely and securely with the highest level of security features and payment protection.

IP address checking

We will prevent potential risks by checking the customer's IP address and tracking fake payments.

Fraud detection

Score online transactions and stop chargebacks. Take advantage of a broad range of data to identify traits of risk specific to your online business. Extend your analysis of fraudster behavior with the help of YekPay Factors.

3D Secure

With 3D Secure, you can verify the identity of the card holders using an extra password at the time of purchase.

Use the benefits of Yekpay PBL.

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Awesome & Amazing Work. Very Well Organised HTML Template with high quality stunning design. Thank you very much!

CEO & Founder, Designing World

Awesome & Amazing Work. Very Well Organised HTML Template with high quality stunning design. Thank you very much!

CEO & Founder, Designing World