Yekpay partnership

Working with us can help strengthen the trust of users

We are looking to provide the best possible way for Iranian compatriots to purchase international sales standards. Thus, in this section (partnership plan), we invite all Iranians to use our facilities for the benefit of justice, regardless of nationality and social status. In this unofficial network, all Iranian citizens can receive a tracking code by registering their site in the form below and presenting contact information. As one of the thousands of users, the service is one of the richest ones. This network also contributes to the gift of this project.

In this plan, anyone can introduce Yekpay services to their website for use on the Yekpay’s platform in order to receive rial payments from Iranian customers on its website and follow up, and encourage websites to install and use this service andwin the 100 euro gift Yekpay card to buy from network sites.

Experience tells us that if you are in any way connected with a site outside the country (for example, you are a customer of the site) or a friend or relative on a site or a company abroad that the online sales site Goods or services, etc. You can persuade the site to use yekpay’s service. The site introduced by you when you register on the site and by entering your reference code and by installing the plugin is actually our customer and your help process will complete the site’s access. Of course, at all stages our colleagues in the sales and technical department will be alongside you to help you get that faster and higher quality.

Why assist(partner) with us?

  • We can be your trusted partner to help speed up your customer's global payments.
  • We can help our clients reduce the cost of fraud and operating costs and increase revenue.
  • Your customers will be able to make their payments all over the world with high security and without any waste of time.
  • Working with us can help strengthen the trust of users.

Who are our potential customers?

Partnership IT

IT and ITC services

Partnership tourism


Partnership educational

Educational services

Partnership shopping

Internet retailing

Partnership website

Other Iranian and foreign sites

Need more information?

If you’re looking to learn more about the YEKPAY Partnership plan please call (+98 218 603 53 78) or contact with (<span class='e-mail-address' data-user='ofni' data-website='moc.yapkey'></span>)

Now assist with us!