No fixed cost
  • Free registration
  • E-wallet (max 2 currencies)
  • 4 ways to top-up e-wallet
  • Exchange between wallets (max. 1000 Euro per day)
  • Payment to Iran Stock Exchange(up to 500 Euro per day)
  • Payout (No limit)
  • 7/24 support
  • Have a bank account
  • No additional and hidden costs
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39.99 / month
  • All features of the Personal Panel
  • E-wallet (up to 5 currencies)
  • Currency exchange (No limit)
  • Payment to Iran Stock Exchange (No limit)
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Accepting Visa/Master - Iranian Rial online (1 gateway) for websites
  • Gateway Commission: (1% + EUR 0.39) per transaction
  • Payments link (1 PBL)
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Business plus

79.99 / month
  • All features of the Business Panel
  • In the case of a total transaction above 500,000 euros, a free monthly fee
  • Multiple sub-users for an account
  • Accepting Visa/Master - Iranian Rial online for websites
  • Live view of the transactions on the map
  • Issue an e-check
  • Payment link (No limit PBL)
  • Full technical support for websites and web services
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Yekpay online payment gateway

Online payment and get paid

Yekpay let you accept credit/debit cards by a hybrid model for online payment and get paid gateways. For Each transaction we charge (3.5 ~ 6)% of a transaction plus 0.39 Euro.}

Iranian Rial online Payment Gateways 

For Global Websites and non-Iranian Websites who want to sell to Iranian customers, Yekpay IRR online Payment gateway is the unique way to use. Through Yekpay-IRR online payment Iranian customers pay Iranian Rial and the ecommerces receive their favorite currencies. It is a charge free service for Iranian customers and a fair fee of transactions for ecommerces.

The charge of transactions for Yekpay Iranian Rial online Payment Gateways is (3 up to 6) % + 0.39 Euro.

Yekpay In-Platform Payments

Send & Receive Money

Don’t Worry! Transfer Money with No Fee !

Any Yekpay users can send money to other users with no transaction fee and with no time or geoghrafical limitation.

Exchange Currency:

Divided By Countries , United by Exchange.

In Yekpay platform you can exchange your money to 14+ the most favorite currencies in the word.

These service has to processing time and as you submit the request of exchange ,you can receive your money in your favorite currency.

The exchange service fee is %3 of amount of each request.

No. Rates Total Transaction for each merchant
1 6.5% + 0.39 Euro per transaction Up to 100,000 Euros per month
2 5.5% + 0.39 Euro per transaction 100,000 -200,000 Euros per month
3 5% + 0.39 Euro per transaction 200,000-500,000 Euros per month
4 4% + 0.39 Euro per transaction 500,000-1 million Euros per month
5 3.5% + 0.39 Euro per transaction More than 1 million Euros per month

The rate for IRR remittance inside Iran for Iranian local bank accounts and cards is: 4.9% per transaction.

For transfer funds to an Iranian`s local bank card, you should have their card numbers (16 digit) and their full name. The max amount for each card transfer is 30,000,000 RLS (about 660 Euros) include transfer fees. This service is online and Iranian beneficiary receive funds immediately.

For transfer funds to an Iranian`s local bank account, you should have their SHABA numbers (IR+24digit), full name, bank name. The max amount for each bank account transfer is 150,000,000 RLS (about 3000 Euros) include transfer fees. This service is almost online and Iranian beneficiary receive funds within 3 hours.