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Iran kish

Iran Kish Credit Cards Co. was founded in 2003 in the field of electronic payment. Also, since 2005, it has been responsible for establishing and maintaining a network of sales terminals and other payment services and acceptance tools for banks and issuing various types of credit cards. In September 2006, the company received a license to provide electronic payment service (PSP) from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also in January 2011, the company was approved by the Tehran Stock Exchange. Currently, Iran Kish Credit Cards Co. is one of 3 active companies in the stock industry.

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Asan pardakht

The ASAN PARDAKHT company was established in May 2009 With the purpose of activity on electronic payment systems. The purpose of the company is actually to expand and facilitate the provision of electronic payment services based on the regulations of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and SHAPARAK Corporation. Also, the various components of this system are intended to be based on the “regulations governing payment service providers” of the central bank payment system. And this payment system is designed to cover a wider range of electronic payment types, by using special equipment and tools for accepting and transferring transactions that are used in electronic payment systems in the world. The company also has more than fifty agency across the country and has a license to operate in the field of payment in areas such as POS, Mobile (USSD) and Internet (IPG). On October 26, 2016, for the first time, the stock of the Asan pardakht company with the AP brand was offered and the company officially entered the Iranian stock exchange.

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SHAPARAK (Electronic payment card network) is a network that brings together all payment service providers and their sales terminals in an integrated system, and improves payment through centralized management and monitoring of the efficiency, effectiveness and security of the network. SHAPARAK operates as an advanced switch to collect and manage network transactions and direct them to other national systems of the country, such as the accelerated network and banking network. The approval of the establishment of Shaprak Company was held in March 2010 by the Money and Credit Council and entered the executive branch in May 2012. As of January 2012, the acceptance and processing of the sales of the terminals was only possible through the use of SHAPARAK. Since September 2013, all Internet transactions were accepted and processed through the network, as well as their full transfer from the accelerated network to SHAPARAK since February 2014 as a single port. SHAPARAK’s actions have managed to achieve more than 48% of macro targets by the end of 2014.

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Iran Zamin Bank

Iran Zamin Bank was established in March 2010 with the license number 283592/89 and its shares were accepted on the Iranian stock exchange. The founders of Iran Zamin Bank are a group of prominent and reputable people from different sectors of the society, including various economic actors, manufacturing and services, banking experts, the medical community, the engineering community, academics, educators and advocates.

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Sepah Bank

Sepah Bank is the first Iranian bank established in 1925 and now has more than 90 years experience as one of the most important financial and economic institutions in the country. In the international arena, it also has a significant role to play in providing banking services through the creation of banking units in countries such as Germany, Italy and France, as well as Sepah International Bank of England.

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