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Complete package for internet commerce who are interested in a big new market

YEKPAY brand is wholly owned by RIBO Royal Group. We provide online international payment solutions with the focus on Iranian-rial.

Yekpay is the complete package and toolkit for internet businesses that try to enter Iran high potential market. We prepare the first flexible and powerful tools for eCommerces that want to get a share of Iran growing market. If you are extending a service, an on-demand marketplace, online shopping, eCommerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Yekpays designed API helps you build the best possible get paid for your Iranian customers that use local payment cards.

A lot of worlds most innovative companies are scaling bigger, faster and more efficiently by using Yekpay services.

Our Focus


Iranian-Rial (IRR) international get paid and payment service provider (PSP) for offshore online websites and shops.

IRR Remittance

Online Remittance Service ability into Iranian`s bank account with no need to any Rial account in Iran by using Yekpay API.

Additional Services

Logistics, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, local advertisement, and local IT , websites and SEO services.


Using a greater infrastructure, Yekpay Exchanges possibility in valets for more than 10 currencies.

Our customers

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How does Yekpay work?

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